Viber Spy

What you should know about Viber spy app

Since Viber allows people to send messages and make voice calls for free, it is one of those popular communicating apps that are so attractive to underage kids. It is actually the main reason why every caring parent needs a trusted Viber spy app or software! This is especially true when it comes to cyber bullying, sexting, online predators, and numerous other dangers they may face on the Internet. However, with the powerful Viber spy software, you can control your kid’s online activity, thus protecting them from all possible harm!

Viber spyware that you can trust!

Even though you can find numerous Viber spyware options online, there are only a few apps that can provide you with the effective Viber spy features, and the Mobile Spy software is the best of them. This reliable spyware is your unique chance to get full access to your kid’s Viber account remotely. Once installed on the target device, the tracking software will give you the ability to:

  • see the time, date, and duration of every Viber call;
  • monitor all texts, stickers, and multimedia files shared via this app;
  • view all group messages and their details.

Features boxes Viber

  • See the details of free calls
  • Sent and received texts and photos
  • View group-messaging session logs
  • Access tracked data via the Control Panel
  • Blocking undesired phone numbers

Viber spy software with professional spyware features

Along with the ability to track Viber account, this Viber spyware offers a whole range of other monitoring features, including the opportunity to:

  • track GPS location;
  • read SMS and view MMS;
  • monitor call logs;
  • block age-inappropriate websites and apps;
  • view photos and videos stored on the device;
  • read emails and notes;
  • view messages sent via other instant messengers, such as Facebook, iMessage, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, and LINE.

With this unique Viber spy software, you will know exactly what your kid is doing online, whom they are communicating with, and other useful information required for their protection.

Viber spy software that works on any Android or iOS device!

Mobile Spy Viber spyware is compatible with all popular Android and iOS devices, which makes this software the number one choice for thousands of people around the world. Moreover, it is available at a very attractive price that will never hit your wallet, not to mention a free 7-day trial version you can download right now. In this way, no matter your reason to use spyware, no matter your kid’s device model, no matter your budget – the Mobile Spy software is the best option for you!