Cell Phone Tracker

Wish to rest assured that your kids are always safe, right? How about being able to monitor their locations when you are away? Feel like reading your children’s sms or instant messages to make sure that they are not doing anything bad, right? Wish to
block unwilling people from contacting your children? Mobile internet use has become a subject of family rule-making and discussion, right? Mobile Spy, the award-winning cell phone spyware, has got you covered in all these cases as it gives a wonderful
solution for all of the above-mentioned issues. Indeed, this soft was specially created as an all-seeing eye for parents.

Are you sure that your employees work the way they are supposed to? Wish to check how diligent your employees are? Suspecting someone of your team distributing sensitive data to other parties? You have the right to check! Mobile Spy comes in handy for
business owners who wish to keep an eye on their teams during working hours.

Simply speaking, this powerful cell phone tracker can monitor a smart phone worldwide. Plus, it can track the target phone even when the standard GPS-based apps fail. But bear in mind that to get the monitoring process started, you will have to install
this software on the target device. There is no possibility to spy on the other phone without Mobile Spy app installation. Designed to give you peace of mind about your kids or employees, this cell phone tracker is rather easy to install and to use.

Useful Facts about This Cell Phone Tracker

This application was launched in 1997 and today it is among the top rated spyware programs. Mobile Spy has already helped more than 100 000 parents to protect their kids against online harms. The program is sold in more than 150 countries.

Major Features

Mobile Spy is a wonderful cell phone tracker that is loaded with an array of powerful for any spyware functions. The key ones include the full access to:
  • Call Logs
  • SMS (both incoming and outgoing). By the way, this app allows you to access even not- long-ago deleted sms.
  • Calendar
  • GPS locations
  • Contacts with the possibility to send unwanted contacts to the black list
  • Instant Messages, in particular Skype, Line, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, and etc.
  • Emails
  • URL (Website) Logs
Noteworthy is the fact that there are additional cell phone surveillance tools as well. For example, apart from simply viewing the target phone’s activity, you can also set various adjustments to your preferences, such as determine the key words for the key alert feature, set the restricted areas for geo-fencing or block access to particular websites or apps. These options are highly appreciated by parents as they are specially created to safeguard kids against unwilling things.

Apart from the mentioned above, this stunning cell phone tracker includes such useful features as:

  • SIM change notification
  • Key logger
  • Wi-Fi hotspot gathering: collect data about each Wi-Fi hotspot the target phone connects to.

All of the mentioned above functions make Mobile Spy the leading app in the smartphone spyware market niche. Test-drive this cell phone tracker!